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Secure our borders — Finish the Wall

A country without borders is not a nation.  It’s time Congress put America First! President Trump needs more allies in Congress now more than ever. The Wall must be finished, sanctuary cities must end and criminal illegal aliens must be deported. 

Save America, Stop Socialism
“Democratic” Socialists are fighting tooth-and-nail for a hostile takeover of our Healthcare and so much more. Radical socialists want Americans on the same government-run healthcare plan with welfare recipients and illegal immigrants. Marjorie Greene is fighting against these radical socialists and will take the fight to Congress.
Protect our Second Amendment
As a constitutional conservative, Marjorie is a strong defender of our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Gun-grabbing politicians are aggressively working to prevent lawful citizens from protecting themselves. I will fight against Red Flag gun confiscation and fight to end Gun Free Zones.
Defend the Unborn

Every life is precious — period. Unborn children should not be condemned to a painful death for the mere crime of being “inconvenient.” Marjorie will fight to end abortion-on-demand by co-sponsoring the Life at Conception Act and stop taxpayer funding of abortion. 

Take Care of our Great Veterans
Marjorie stands with President Trump in fulfilling our commitment to America’s Veterans. Veterans are the backbone of our freedom. Without them, American values collapse. Marjorie will always stand with our veterans and will work tirelessly to preserve and improve the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment
Uncontrolled congressional spending has created a $22 Trillion national deficit that will eventually cripple our country. As a businesswoman, Marjorie Greene knows we must pass the Balanced Budget Amendment to finally block politicians of both political parties from their spending spree. As our new Congresswoman, Greene will co-sponsor the Balanced Budget Amendment to requiring Congress to pass balanced budgets. She will oppose all tax increases and will oppose omnibus spending bills that only create more debt.

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