The FBI has created a dual system of justice in America: one for Republicans and one for Democrats.


During just the past few years, the FBI spied on, lied about, and raided the home(s) of President Trump, his lawyers, and previous administration officials; labeled parents as domestic terrorists for standing up to the radical Left’s Critical Race Theory agenda; hunted down Americans just for being on Capitol grounds on J6, but ignored the domestic terrorism that occurred during the 2020 summer of love. 


This dual system of justice, politicization, and weaponization of the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency must end now. Marjorie believes that the FBI has lost all credibility and appearance of impropriety in upholding and enforcing the laws of the United States. MTG supports using the power of the purse to hold the FBI accountable until dramatic reforms and changes are made to restore the American people’s trust.

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Impeach biden

Joe Biden violated his oath of office the day he began occupying the White House.

He shut down the Keystone pipeline on his first day in office; abandoned Americans in Afghanistan; sold America’s strategic petroleum reserves to China; facilitated the invasion at our Southern Border; and is compromised by our foreign adversaries like China through business deals made by his family. 

The Democrats impeached President Trump for exposing Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Biden lied to the American people and colluded with the fake news media and Big Tech to cover it up. Marjorie is devoted to building the case for the impeachment of Joe Biden and will work every day to build consensus within the Republican majority to support her efforts.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is the chief architect of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. 


Fauci had one goal regarding the origin of the Chinese bioweapon, COVID-19: disprove the lab-leak theory. However, it was not to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology; it was not to investigate China and the Communist Party, and it was not to serve, protect, and be transparent with the American people. Instead, Fauci led the charge in helping cover up the most significant crime in world history. 


From 2014-2019, Fauci awarded grants to organizations conducting gain-of-function experiments involving coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. According to Biden’s own government, this Chinese lab is responsible for releasing the COVID-19 bioweapon. Fauci thinks he can run and hide by retiring, but he cannot hide from Marjorie Taylor Greene.


As a member of the COVID-19 Select Subcommittee, MTG will further expose Fauci’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic; investigate why so many young Americans are dying suddenly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine; hold bureaucrats within the CDC, FDA, the Biden Administration, and the executives in Big Pharma accountable for lying about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine; and hold Big Tech responsible for colluding with the federal government to censor and silence the voices of millions of Americans.

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Protect Children

America’s children are under assault from the forces of evil and their Marxist agenda.


Decades in the making, the Marxists have never had more influence over the cultural and societal institutions traditionally relied upon to shape our children’s minds. They teach them anti-American Critical Race Theory curriculum in the classroom and facilitate the sexualization of our children with pornographic reading materials; groom them with the cult of transgenderism and Drag Queen Storytime; and advocate for gender-affirming care, leaving them permanently mutilated and scarred for life.


Marjorie is dedicated to eliminating this Marxist ideology preying on our children. She has no tolerance for manipulating or mutating the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society. MTG will never stop fighting to protect our children from these forces of evil.

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End abortion in america

Marjorie believes all lives matter. Every life is precious – period.


MTG strongly agrees that life begins at inception; adamantly supports the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion up to individual states; has an A+ rating from the Susan B. Anthony List and Students for Life Action for supporting the unborn; and has received a 100% score from the National Right to Life. 


Unborn children should not be condemned to a painful death for being “inconvenient.” Marjorie will fight to end abortion-on-demand and stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

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Biden is watering down the Second Amendment with executive decrees and regulations. Marjorie has one message for Biden and the Democrats attempting to disarm the American people: come and take it.


MTG strongly defends our God-given right to bear arms; has an A rating from the NRA; supports eliminating the ATF; opposes Red Flag confiscation; believes in ending Gun Free Zones and empowering law enforcement; and advocates for the hardening of our schools against violent sociopaths. 


Marjorie is devoted to ensuring every American has the right to self-defense and supports open carry laws throughout her district and nation.

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America First

For decades, the Washington establishment ignored the average American in pursuit of implementing its globalist agenda.


This all changed when President Trump was sworn into office on January 20th, 2017. The forgotten men and women of America were forgotten no longer. President Trump’s America First Agenda inspired Marjorie to run for Congress. She could no longer sit on the sidelines and realized the future of her children and America depended on more Patriots running and serving in public office.


Marjorie is now one of the most popular conservative firebrands in America. A champion of the America First Agenda, MTG represents the voice of millions of Americans despised by the Washington establishment; never backs down to the fake news media and the radical Left’s agenda; and is unapologetically devoted to defeating the globalist agenda that is destroying America’s liberty, freedom, and sovereignty.

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America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles. 


The radical Left has declared war on Christians, gender, families, and traditional American values. They relentlessly pursue, target, cancel, and harass anyone that refuses to bow down to their demands and conform to their evil ideology. 


Marjorie believes the key to American greatness is restoring traditional American values in our culture and society. MTG is devoted to her faith in God; a champion for religious freedom; rejects the Left’s unscientific fantasies that there are more than two genders; and has received a 100% score from the Family Research Council for defending traditional American family values.

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Secure the borders

A country without borders is not a nation. 


Biden and the Democrats have left our Southern Border open like Swiss cheese; they advocate for the defunding of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; refuse to enforce our immigration laws; tied the hands of the United States Border Patrol; supported the repeal of Title 42; empower the drug cartels; ignore human trafficking and forced child labor; and have allowed the free flow of Chinese-made, Mexican Cartel imported fentanyl to poison America’s youth and the vulnerable.


Marjorie believes it is time for Congress to prioritize America’s border over Ukraine’s. MTG supports finishing the wall on our Southern Border; abolishing sanctuary cities at the federal level; deporting illegal aliens jailed in federal and state prisons across America; and declaring war on the cartels engaged in human trafficking and the deadly poisoning of millions of Americans with fentanyl

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