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Marjorie Taylor Greene is proudly serving as Congresswoman to Georgia’s 14th District. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a conservative wife, mother of three, a successful business woman and job creator. Marjorie is a proud American, and deeply believes in Pro-America, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Trump. Through her voice and actions, she is fighting for America First. Save America, Stop Communism!


Marjorie was born and raised in the state of Georgia, and a graduate of the University Of Georgia. Marjorie is a wife, to her husband, and a mother of three children. Marjorie believes her faith in God is the fountain to who she is as a person. She believes in every word of the bible, and rests on God’s plan in the redeeming grace given to us through Jesus. Marjorie loves being a mother to her two daughters, and son, and believes it is the greatest gift God has given her.

From being a successful business owner and job creator, Marjorie has experienced first hand of the true freedom and independence. As American’s have to be able to establish a company to provide for all of the people’s needs and serve their customers. Marjorie believes that it takes hard work, tenacity and dedication that Washington has no respect for. Marjorie believe the ability to be a small business owner is a great independent way to achieve the American Dream, and should always be protected.

As a former CrossFit gym owner, Marjorie has always loved fitness, sports, and competing. From years of training in CrossFit, Marjorie qualified and competed in a world wide competition that brings the best in sport. CrossFit is important in Marjorie’s life because she has learned as a competitor to always work hard and relentlessly pursue to fight for what she believes in.

I am a political outsider and problem solver. With a congress that is continually failing, my sole purpose for running is to represent the people of the 14th Congressional District, not the career politicians and bureaucrats.

Why I Ran For Congress

In 2020, “I ran for Congress of the 14th District because America is our home. As a mother, providing the best home possible for our children and the generation’s responsibilities to not turn a blind eye to the problems plaguing our nation. We must provide a safe and secure land of opportunities so our kids can succeed in their future ahead.

Our country is under attack by radical, left-wing Democrats, as well as the same politicians who are letting the people down. I ran for Congress because when republicans controlled the House and Senate during the first two years of Trump’s presidency, they failed to deliver the key issues that were of utmost importance to Republican voters. I was tired of hearing politicians making broken campaigns promises.

Republicans in Congress still don’t understand they lost the house in 2018 due to failures to deliver what they campaigned on, when they had the chance. It can not be overstated that when Republicans don’t do what they say, they give no reason for people to support them. Along with millions of other Republicans voters, it was then that I realized that if Republicans can’t accomplish the most important and easiest of campaign promises, when they held a strong majority with a President like Trump, then they never will.”

-Marjorie Taylor Greene

The 14th District's Congresswoman

As the Congresswoman of the Georgia 14th District, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been fighting everyday for the strong family values, the America First beliefs and the voice of the people. Marjorie refuses to sit by and watch the American people’s rights and voice get taken away. Marjorie is continuing her promise to put the people first as she fights like hell to Save America. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene supports the America First policies to make America the greatest home for each and every American. Marjorie believes in order of solving issues within the 14th District, we must put America First as a whole. Marjorie Taylor Greene stands out of the crowd by challenging other Republicans and Democrats to do the right thing. By being a huge threat to the Democratic party, Marjorie Taylor Greene will remain strong, and stop the Biden-Pelosi Democratic Agenda. Marjorie is a leader and a voice to the people because she is not a politician but instead a person like the rest of us, who is fed up. Discover more about what Marjorie is fighting for and why she is the greatest Congresswoman for the 14th District.

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